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Decoria – Luxury Vinyl Planks
DECORIA tiles combine the two most desirable attributes a floor can exhibit, Beauty and Durability to give you a floor that’s incredibly long lasting and attractive. Every DECORIA tile is manufactured with a unique surface treatment that gives it superior anti-slip and stain resistance properties. The result is a tile that will stand up to heavy traffic and still look great for many years. Each tile has dimensional stability that will never break down under shrinkage or expansion. These tiles are made with the very latest manufacturing processes and technology, including NANO SILVER.

How does NANO SILVER work?

DECORIA developed a process to add Ag+, silver ions of nano size particles to safely coat floors, in a colorless anti-bacterial armor. Silver inhibits the growth of bacteria by deactivating the bacteria’s oxygen metabolism enzymes. In turn, this destroys the bacteria cell membranes, killing the bacteria and stopping replication. NANO SILVER, extremely small particles of metallic silver is added to DECORIA giving a very durable anti-microbial action. It would take 500 million Nano Silver particles, side by side to over the section of a human hair, making the particles invisible to the human eye.

The Green & the Clean story

DECORIA Luxury Vinyl is 67% post consumer recycled PVC. No other Luxury Vinyl tile manufacturer has made this environmentally sensitive commitment to Earth’s preservation. LEED points are available for these products in commercial buildings. DECORIA Luxury Vinyl planks can be used in homes, offices, commercial areas, hospitals, theatres, galleries.

Application     Commercial, Residential
Surface Treatment    PU & Anti-bacterial, per design
Fire Rating  EN 13501-1
ASTM E- 648
Mekel Burner Test
Bn – S1
Class 1
75 or less
Heat Stability KSM 3802 0.3mm/0.01” (80oC + 2oC, 6hr/hr)
Slip Resistance  ADA Exceeds ADA Requirement
Dimension Stability EN 434 
EN 435
EN 1081

< 0.25%
No crack was found

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