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Specialised Vinyl Flooring
Yes, vinyl flooring is special. But this can also be specialized.

Catering to the needs of a growing demand, HERITAGE now has stocked up a range of specialized flooring.

Anti Static Vinyl Flooring

Used extensively in hospitals, software labs, airports, server rooms, banks and areas which have highly sensitive machines. Anti Static vinyl flooring flooring prevents flow of static charge into computer terminals or others electronics equipment thus provides a shield to internal circuits and prevents loss of computer memory or other malfunctioning. Keeps the systems safe, and the readings precise.

Anti Skid Vinyl Flooring

This type of vinyl prevents people from slipping and provides added grip. Where good traction and long wearability are important the ANTI SKID FLOORING is ideal. The super tough vinyl wear abrasion layer at the top is deeply embossed and retains color & wear far longer than any rubber and single ply sheet floorings.

It is highly suited for handling heavy traffic with extra grip for walking/movement. It is designed
for a long life with high wear and tear resistance. Areas like ramps, slops, factory work etc.

Sports Flooring

Get the proper blend of looks and comfort. The sports range of vinyl flooring is widely used in gym areas and sports centres. With 4 mm of specialized cushioning and a solid wear layer, LG SPORTS FLOORING has been certified by international bodies.

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